Register of Voting Members

In accordance with our charter, the GBYD board keeps a record of those individuals who are eligible voting members of our organization. Below is the list of individuals who have been certified as voting members of GBYD. If you believe that you should be registered on this list, please submit an inquiry to that effect at and we will follow-up with you!

  • RJ Agostinelli
  • Terry Altherr
  • Maimouna Bah
  • Andrew Bloniarz
  • Marcella Castillo
  • Robert Cohen
  • Katherine Aronson-Ensign
  • Romina Bendo
  • Levi Bevis
  • Raekwon Brown
  • Daniel Ernst
  • Florence Frank
  • Francois Garel Jean-Enard
  • Meredith Gendreau
  • Olivia Gilligan Corsetti
  • Charlie Hyman
  • Helen Liu
  • Will Lombard
  • Adam Mandell
  • Jack Perenick
  • Rebecca Pinn
  • Arlenne Rodriguez
  • Eli Sennesh
  • Ben Slutzky
  • Lincoln Vamos
  • Sabrina Zafar